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Republic of the Philippines SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM MATERNITY NOTIFICATION SMD-0002 (01-2009) Please read instructions and reminders below before filling up this form. Print all information in black
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Instructions and Help about maternity notification form sample
Hi and welcome to the Social Security system this program will guide you on how to file a maternity notification after meeting the qualification requirements as an employed member the corresponding form that you need to fill out and how the maternity benefit will be paid to you I am your host Daniel Jana and this is the procedure in filing your maternity notification first obtained an sss authority notification form or map one by visiting an sss branch yes your residence or by downloading the form from the sss website at forum it is important that you read first instructions and important reminders please print all data required for part 1 under the field members information write your SS number and your complete name next provide your place of residence by indicating your house number Street barangay town or district and your city or province don't forget to write down your postal code fill out the next following fields write down your date of birth your tin number your telephone or mobile number and email address if any the next portion is member certification here you have to certify if this is your first second third or fourth pregnancy remember that the SSS only covers up to four pregnancies or miscarriages then indicate your expected date of delivery after that please fix your signature over your printed name on the space allotted also indicate the date that you sign in case you cannot say just a fix your right from mark and write ethnic smart on the boxes provided and let's - with us assign over their printed names on the spaces provided again write down the date if you are unemployed self-employed or voluntary member you only have to accomplish part one of the maternity notification form and submit together with the proof of your pregnancy if you are employed please proceed to part 2 of the application form the employers information should be filled out by your human resources officer your employer would need to provide the SSS employer number his or her name or registered business name the complete company address and postal code and a valid company phone number or mobile number be sure that your employer fills out the employer certification portion which certifies that they have acknowledged your pregnancy and your expected date of delivery this certification should be signed by your employer or by an authorized representative don't forget to indicate the complete name and official designation of the signatory as well as the date of signing part three is for SSS use only so you do not need to fill out this portion please take note that you have to submit the accomplish materiality notification form to your employer as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed or at least 60 days from the date of conception remember that you need to attach a proof of your pregnancy such as an ultrasound report together with your maternity notification form your employer must in turn notify the sss from the submission of the maternity...